3 Must Install Apps on Your Home Server

3 Must Install Apps on Your Home Server

Nowadays, people are more and more aware of the importance of having a home server. Especially, if your business is rapidly growing. A home server is the perfect device to store and manage all your data and shares it securely and reliably on the internet.

I’ve been hosting my own home server for a little over 4 years now and thought I’d share some of the apps I installed on it. This is not a comprehensive list of all the apps you can install on a home server. Just three of the ones I’ve found most useful.

There are many operating systems to choose for your home server ranging from windows to Linux. We will be focusing on apps for Windows application that run on Windows server 2012 R2.


This is an amazing app to remote monitor & management of your servers and computers. I've been using this since 2015 and has made life so much easier.  They have a fantastic mobile app for both IOS and Android giving you a lot of power on your smartphone, including remote monitoring, Install updates & patches, run PowerShell and terminal. although all these features are great the most used feature I use is the ability to wake and power off my home server.


is a versatile remote desktop software that allows you to connect and access computers, servers and mobiles remotely. I find this extremely useful to remote into your server from a computer. Save so much time and space meaning i don't have to have a VGA screen, keyboard and mouse attached to the home server. Best of all its free for personal use.

Amazon photos

Since Amazon offers unlimited photo storage for Prime members, this is kinda of a no-brainer. I use this to keep a copy of my photos in the cloud that I take from my Sony A7RIII as the image size is around 83MB each which is insane. giving me the ability to edit photos on my laptop when I'm stuck at airport lounges waiting for the next flight.

Hope you found this article useful although its not an extensive list of apps to use for your home server its just a few apps that I find essential as part of my workflow.